Best Conservatory Prices

Conservatory prices vary dramatically, from £5,000 to over £50,000, so here you will find benchmark conservatory prices for our industry. We have been designing and installing conservatories for over 20 years. Our products transform your home by letting in light and adding space. Be it a standard conservatory, an orangery, glass or solid replacement roof, or building regulation compliant extension, the roof is perhaps the most important element, as it has to withstand snow and wind loads, window cleaners accessing adjacent windows and, of course, remain weather proof for a very long time. Our conservatory’s pedigree is second to none with well over a five hundred installations in the field performing day in day out, giving the ultimate in peace of mind.

best conservatory prices

Choosing The Style Of Your Conservatory

Choosing the style of your conservatory is an important decision and one that you need to carefully consider. Not only do you need to think about the style that will best complement your home, but also the style that will match your lifestyle and be suited to how you want to use your new space. Conservatories now have a number of performance glass roof options to help keep your conservatory warm and comfortable all year round.

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Conservatory Doors

The ability to open up entire elevations of conservatory with French, sliding or bi-fold doors gives a whole new modern edge to the conservatory. Combine full height glazing and choosing one of three flat cornices for the ultimate contemporary look.

conservatory styles

LivinRoom Conservatory Prices

Your standard conservatory can be given an ‘orangery’ feel with the LivinRoom pelmet internally.

The LivinRoom pelmet comes in depths from 300mm to 1200mm which insulates the perimeter of your ceiling whilst giving you an orangery look at a value price point.

Why not:
• Enjoy the light from a conservatory with the feel of an extension – providing greater overall value for money and the best of all worlds.
• Live more comfortably with improved thermal efficiency when compared to a standard conservatory (additional insulation can be added by your retailer for enhanced comfort to reduce heat loss).
• Experience a real room/living room with more styling and furnishing options, the perimeter ceiling pelmet is perfect for down lighters, spotlights or speakers.
• Use the LivinRoom pelmet and external brick columns to achieve an affordable authentic orangery look.

livinroom conservatory prices

LivinLight Conservatory Prices

LivinLight gives you the option to choose the style of light that can be fitted in your conservatory. LivinLight adds an insulated electrical housing system to the centre ridge under-cladding of a glazed roof.

This wider platform enables you to install a wider selection of lighting than most conservatories offer and gives a more ‘roomlike’ feel.

Using the LivinLight you can add statement lighting to your conservatory, whether it’s a low pendant over the dining table or a chandelier focal point, LivinLight allows you to achieve this with ease. The ridge is insulated to keep you warm in the winter and can also be painted to match or co-ordinate with your decor, giving your conservatory that individual look.

livinlight conservatory prices

UltraSky Conservatory Prices

Flood light into your home with an UltraSky rooflight.

Traditionally, the difference is subtle: unlike a conservatory’s full glazing, orangeries feature a ‘lantern’ glazed roof on a perimeter ‘deck’ supported by pillars or columns, giving a distinctive look. Inside though, an orangery gives you all the light of a conservatory, but with added height and space; its pillars give it a grandeur and privacy with the look and feel of a substantial extension.

The UltraSky lantern roof system takes the orangery to a new level. The UltraSky is slim and elegant, allowing the maximum amount of light.

ultrasky conservatory prices

The UltraSky Lantern Roof and Deck

For a traditional orangery construction.

The traditional orangery became a ‘must-have’ status symbol for the wealthy. And recreating that classic look on your own home is easy, using Ultraframe’s deck system combined with the UltraSky lantern roof.

The clever pre-fabricated timber deck system creates the basis of your orangery roof, supported by brick pillars. The UltraSky lantern is then added, covering the opening in the deck.

The lantern roof and deck system offers a look and feel of grandeur with the impressive interior height and pillars or columns, enhanced by a beautifully-finished ‘pelmet’ around the perimeter. Ideal for discreet lighting or speakers that add a little extra sophistication.

lantern roof and deck conservatory prices

Bright, spacious, welcoming… natural light totally transforms the feel of a room – and there’s no better way to let light flood in than the UltraSky lantern rooflight.

The lantern is designed to perfectly complement your property’s style, traditional or modern, and is easily installed on a new-build extension, traditional orangery or existing fl at roof to bring light and space to your living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom or bathroom.

You decide the exact style and UltraSky lets in even more light – but with thermally efficient glazing reducing heat loss and intrusive noise, your room stays warm and cosy. And the addition of a roof vent – available in selected sizes with manual or automatic openers, or an automatic opener with rain and temperature control – keeps it feeling comfortable all year round.

Choose a stylish white PVC finish to match modern window frames, or add an extra touch of elegance with aluminium, available in white, anthracite grey or satin black as standard. Whichever you go for, UltraSky brings a real ‘wow’ factor to your home.

Replacement Conservatory Roof Prices

There are a number of options for replacing your conservatory roof.

If your conservatory needs updating, replacing the roof can have a significant impact on the thermal efficiency of the room. Whether it’s moving to high performance glass, a solid roof, or even something in-between, there’s an Ultraframe roof to ensure your new room is warm, welcoming and bright.

If you choose a replacement conservatory roof, it will be designed to fit on existing window frames and also ideal to be used in bigger refurbishment or transformation projects.

LivinRoof Conservatory Roof Prices

Combine solid and shaped glazing seamlessly in a bespoke design.

Externally the LivinRoof is finished in grey to complement any house style, whether you want a contemporary or a traditional leaded roof look.

The LivinRoof is quick to install, meaning minimal disruption to your home compared to other solid roofs on the market.

Extremely thermally efficient due to its advanced design, LivinRoof is fully compliant with building regulations – the conversion of a glazed conservatory roof into a solid one requires official building regulations permission.

livingroof conservatory prices

Ultra380 Roof Conservatory Prices

A lightweight tiled roofing system that creates a beautiful vaulted plastered ceiling inside.

For those who want a solid roof but still want to retain an element of light within the room, the easy integration of performance rectangular full height glass panels or Velux roof windows can help project light into the adjacent room and give you a truly bespoke design.

Internally the UltraRoof380 is second to none.

Around the perimeter of the ceiling sits an internal pelmet, which can be used to insert spotlights or speakers. At the apex of the roof you can choose to have installed a flat panel enabling you to add statement lighting, whether it’s a low pendant over the dining table or a chandelier as a focal point.

ultra380 roof conservatory prices

At the ridge and hips of your roof choose between a modern aluminium capping or a more traditional tile roof capping. On the outside a stunning authentic lightweight tiled finish is available in a choice of 3 colours to match or co-ordinate with any home.

The external fascia boards are available in different colour choices to match or contrast with your existing window frames: White, Black, Rosewood or Oak.

Extremely thermally efficient due to its advanced design, UltraRoof380 is fully compliant with building regulations – the conversion of a glazed conservatory roof into a solid one requires offi cial building regulations permission.

UltraRoof380 is pre manufactured to ensure consistent quality and is designed for speedy installation with minimal waste and minimal disruption to your home in comparison to other tiled roof solutions.

solid roof conservatory prices

Free Quote for Conservatory Prices

Relax… there’ll be no nasty surprises.

One of the most common problems with building the traditional way can be that the original ‘estimate’ goes through the roof once work actually starts.

But there are no such horrors with our conservatory prices.

As well as producing accurate drawings and images, you will receive a detailed quotation upfront, which can include all building work, electrics, lighting and even flooring.

And the best part is, once you give the go-ahead they’ll stick to that quotation.

So you can always rest assured that you’ll know exactly what your extension will cost, right from the very start.